Disease Surveillance 2012, 27(8) 592-594,598 DOI:   10.3784/j.issn.1003-9961.2012.8.003  ISSN: 1003-9961 CN: 11-2928/ R

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pulmonary tuberculosis
floating population
treatment cease
LIN Bing-chong
SHAO Ji-ping

Epidemiological characteristics of 2271 cases of pulmonary tuberculosis in floating population of Wenling, Zhejiang

LIN Bing-chong, SHAO Ji-ping

Wenling City Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Wenling 317500, Zhejiang, China


Objective To understand the incidence trend of tuberculosis (TB) in floating population and the problems in TB prevention and control in Wenling, provide evidence for the prevention and control of TB in floating population. Methods Descriptive epidemiological analysis was conducted on the incidence data of pulmonary TB in floating population in Wenling from 2005 to 2010. Results The active pulmonary TB cases in floating population accounted for 47.34% of the total cases, the incidence was 83.23/lakh and the male to female ratio of the cases was 2.40. The smear-positive pulmonary TB cases accounted for 41.74% of the active cases. The follow up lost or treatment cease rate in floating population (18.71%) was higher than that in local population (13.78%). The pulmonary TB cases in labor force accounted for 95.24% in this population. Conclusion Most TB cases occurred in labor force in floating population. The disease situation is serious. It is necessary to take comprehensive intervention measures to increase the curing rate and complete treatment rate of TB in floating population.

Keywords pulmonary tuberculosis   floating population   treatment cease  
Received: 2012-03-19 Accepted:  Online:  
DOI: 10.3784/j.issn.1003-9961.2012.8.003

Corresponding author:
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